All Pregnant Women Should be Tested for Hepatitis C: BC experts

Source: Vancouver Sun

Author: Pamela Fayerman

Posted: June 17, 2019

This article published in the Vancouver Sun reports on the commentary authored by Dr Elwood and colleagues, which highlights the importance of Hepatitis C screening for pregnant women.  

Moms, please don’t eat your placentas: Obstetricians say ‘placentophagy’ carries risks, with no proven benefits

Source: The Guardian 

Author: Sharon Kirkey

Posted: April 4, 2019

After reviewing available data on the subject, Canada’s pregnancy specialists are encouraging any woman considering eating or drinking her placenta to please refrain from doing so.  Dr Chelsea Elwood provides expert input in this article published via “The Guardian”.

Canadian study finds HPV vaccine beneficial for HIV-positive women

Source: CATIE

Author: Sean R. Hosein

Posted: March, 2019

This article reports on the findings from a study led by Dr Deborah Money, investigating the HPV vaccine response, and HPV vaccine efficacy in girls and women living with HIV.

Prioritizing women’s health

Source: University of British Columbia

Posted: March, 2019

Congratulations to Dr Money, recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award. She was honoured to receive the award from current President of IDSOG, Phillip Heine. Dr Money was the first non-US President (2010-2012) of the Infectious Diseases Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (IDSOG), a 46 year old, US based academic society. The award was presented at the annual meeting of IDSOG in Big Sky, Montana.

Dr Money was first trained a OBGYN in Canada, and she stared a fellowship program for infections diseases in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is responsible for numerous OBGYN’s who specialize in infections diseases; they now work across Canada. Furthermore, Dr Money continuously develops an extensive research program investigating infectious diseases.

Congratulations to Dr Money on her well-deserved award!

HPV Vaccine Shows Higher Failure Rate in Girls or Women Living with HIV

Source: University of British Columbia

Posted: September 11, 2018

This featured article describes a report, lead author Elisabeth McClymont (pictured, right), senior author Dr Deborah Money, which helps us better understand how the HPV vaccine works in women and girls with HIV.  The vaccine response in women and girls living with HIV who received the vaccine was compared to data on a previous group of women with HIV who were not vaccinated, and vaccinated and unvaccinated women  without HIV. To learn about the results of the study and detailed information regarding the background of the study read the article featured on UBC’s website or visit our study page.

HPV Vaccine Failure Rates May Be Higher in Women, Girls With HIV

Source: The Clinical Advisor

Author: Rita Aghjayan 

Posted: July 25, 2018

This article on Clinical Advisor describes a recent publication from a study (led by Dr Deborah Money), which followed females living with HIV who received the HPV vaccine, and compared their health outcomes with published data on vaccinated and unvaccinated women without HIV and a historical study including unvaccinated women living with HIV. Read the interesting article for more information regarding the conducted study.

Response to HPV Vaccine Best in Women with Undetectable HIV Viral Load

Source: CATIE

Author: Sean R. Hosein

Posted: December, 2016

A team of researchers across Canada, lead by Dr Money, has reported results from a clinical trial of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine (provides protection against HPV 6, 11, 16 and 18). In studies of women who do not have HIV, the vaccine has been safe and efficacious in preventing HPV infection and related cervical disease. 

However, there is less data on how well the vaccine works in women living with HIV. Read the article to learn more about the study and its results.

Seven confirmed cases of Zika virus in pregnant women in Canada — but true number may be much higher

Source: National Post

Author: Sharon Kirkey 

Posted: July, 2016

The article discuss Zika infection in pregnant women, with the current Canadian context.  Dr Money provides expert input.

Will the HPV Vaccine Guard You?

Source: The Positive Side

Author: Suzanne MacCarthy

Posted: Spring/Summer, 2009

Reporting on the “HPV in HIV Study“, including interview with a patient / participant, and Dr Money, the study lead, this article in the Positive Side magazine discusses the HPV vaccine in women living with HIV.