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Interview with Dr. Money: Pregnant women with COVID-19 at increased risk of hospitalization, ICU admission and early labour

December 14, 2020

Early findings suggest transmission to infants is rare. While much remains unknown about the impact of COVID-19 on pregnancy, emerging data from a national surveillance project reveals pregnant women with COVID-19 seem to be at greater risk of being hospitalized, being admitted to intensive care units (ICUs), and going into early labour. Read more >

COVID-19 Immunity Task Force launches serological study using antenatal samples

September 17, 2020

To learn more about our Canadian Popuolation Serological Survey Utilizing Antenatal Serum Samples, check out this article by the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force Read more >

RID featured by the UBC Faculty of Medicine: New serological study will analyze samples from pregnant women to track COVID-19 trends

September 17, 2020

A study on antenatal serum samples led by UBC’s Dr. Deborah Money, has received $3.1 million in funding from the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force (CITF). The research, using blood samples from standard tests from expectant women […] Read more >

CANCOVID-Preg: A National COVID in Pregnancy Surveillance Program

May 6, 2020

As international concern mounted over coronavirus disease (COVID-19), maternity care providers came together to address care of pregnant women and their infants during the pandemic. Recognizing a significant knowledge gap, Dr. Deborah Money […] Read more >

RID Team members travel to Rwanda as part of UBC Medicine delegation

February 26, 2020

February 2020: Drs Money and Ogilvie traveled to Rwanda as part of a Faculty of Medicine delegation to Rwanda. The visiting delegation actively participated in knowledge exchange, fostering existing and developing new collaborations […] Read more >

Dr Money receives Red Ribbon Award from AIDS Vancouver

February 15, 2020

AIDS Vancouver honoured Dr Money with a Red Ribbon Award, recognizing her long service and contributions supporting the health and well being of persons living with HIV. Read more >

New vaginal microbiome paper published in British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada (BJOG)

November 21, 2019

“Different and diverse anaerobic microbiota were seen in women living with HIV with unsuppressed HIV viral load and in women with recurrent bacterial vaginosis: a cohort study in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.” Read more >

New publication in Canadian Liver Journal on hepatitis B viral load during pregnancy

November 15, 2019

Dr van Schalkwyk and colleagues examined changes in hepatitis B virus (HBV) viral loads (VLs) in pregnancy in a recent Canadian Liver Journal Publication. Between 2011 and 2015, in Vancouver, British Columbia, the team followed 132 mothers […]  Read more >

Deborah Money receives lifetime achievement award for her contribution to improving women’s health

August 27, 2019

Dr. Deborah Money, MD, FRCSC, is the recipient of the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Infectious Diseases Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (IDSOG), a 46 year old US based scientific organization. Read more >