Dr Deborah Money Historic Trainees

Student Name Type Details Year Supervisory Role
(Dr Deborah Money)
Current Position/Awards
Daniel Leung MSc Pharmacology – Cord blood levels of acyclovir in infants of mothers receiving prophylaxis 1999/01 – 2001/12 Co-Supervisor Infectious Diseases Consultant, US
Gina Ogilvie MA Health Care and Epidemiology – Maternal to infant transmission of HIV in Aboriginal mother infant pairs 1999/07 – 2002/12 Co-Supervisor CRC Tier 1 Chair, Global Women’s Health, Professor, Family Practice/SPPH, UBC
Stephanie Rhone Residency Placental Pathology – a review of indicators 2001/07 – 2002/06 Primary supervisor Senior Medical Director, BC Women’s Hospital
Jeremy Green Residency Neonatal HSV – a review of BC outcomes 2001/07 – 2003/06 Primary Supervisor Ob/Gyn consultant in Ontario
Eda Karacabeyli BSc Perinatal Outcomes Associated with HAART use in HIV Infected Pregnant Women 2002/01 – 2002/12 Primary Supervisor Medical Student, UBC
Paula Lott Residency Ob/Gyn – Role of Breastfeeding in HCV Transmission 2002/07 – 2003/06 Primary Supervisor Consultant Ob/Gyn, UBC
Sayrin Lalji Fellowship Maternal Fetal Medicine – HSV in Pregnancy 2002/07 – 2005/06 Primary Supervisor Clin Asst Prof, MFM, Ob/Gyn, UBC
Fiona Liston Summer Student Prenatal Outcomes Associated with HAART use in HIV infected pregnancy women 2003/01 – 2003/12 Primary Supervisor Consultant Ob/Gyn, Duncan, BC
Michele Cox MSc Health Care and Epidemiology, UBC – Effect of drug use on pregnancy outcomes in a cohort of HCV infected pregnant women 2003/01 – 2004/12 Co-Supervisor
Kris Stephenson BSc Nursing – HIV MTIT programs – Routine Serotesting for Type Specific HSV in Pregnancy 2003/07 – 2004/12 Primary Supervisor
Monica Chang Summer Student Prenatal Outcomes Associated with HAART use in HIV infected pregnancy women 2004/01 – 2004/12 Primary Supervisor
Julie Stone Fellowship Reproductive Infectious Diseases – Evaluation of toxicity of NNRTI’s in pregnancy 2004/07 – 2005/12 Primary Supervisor Julie van Schalkwyk – Reproductive Infectious Diseases expert, Clin Assoc Prof, Ob/Gyn, UBC
Julia Ingles Residency Ob/Gyn – Study of Chlamydia Trachmatis Infection in Fijian Women. 2004/07 – 2006/06 Primary Supervisor OB/GYN, Ontario
Melanie Altas Residency Outcomes assicated with premature preterm rutpure of the membranes in a B.C. cohort 2005/01 – 2006/06 Primary Supervisor Consultant Ob/Gyn, BC
Kirsten Grabowska Residency Predictors of Neonatal Outcomes in Women with PPROM, Managed Expectantly or with Immediate Labour Induction 2005/07 – 2009/06 Primary Supervisor Clin Assoc Prof., Maternal Fetal Medicine, Dept of Ob/Gyn, UBC
Eda Karacabeyli MHA Health Administration, UBC – Developing a plan for implementation of a program of research at BC Women’s 2006/07 – 2008/12 Co-Supervisor Ob/Gyn Resident, UBC
Angela Kaida PhD Dept of Health Care & Epidemiology, UBC – Investigating the impact of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) on sexual behavior and fertility among HIV -positive women in South Africa 2006/07 – 2009/12 Committee Member CRC Tier 2 Chair and Associate Professor in Faculty of Health Science, SFU
Tessa Chaworth-Musters MSc Reproductive Health – Pharmacokinetics of antiretrovirals in pregnancy 2007/01 – 2008/06 Primary Supervisor Consultant Obstetric Medicine, BC Women’s Hospital
Sarah Gilgoff Part Time Student Analysis of MTCT HIV Prophylaxis 2007/01 – 2009/06 Primary Supervisor Sarah Saunders – OBGYN
Nasim Abdei-Moghaddam Summer Student Preterm premature rupture of membranes project 2007/07 – 2007/12 Primary Supervisor Medicine, UBC
Laura Weingarten Medical Student DPAS 420: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in B.C. 2008/01 – 2008/06 Primary supervisor
Sarah Gilgoff Medical Student DPAS 420: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in B.C. 2008/01 – 2008/06 Primary Supervisor Sarah Saunders – OBGYN, Resident, UBC
Fang (Cindy) Xie PhD CMV and pre-eclampsia 2008/07 – 2009/06 Committee Member Researcher, University of Washington
Eszter Papp Post-Doctral Fellow Dept of Pathology – Mitochondrial DNA damage in the placentae of HAART treated pregnant women 2008/07 – 2009/06 Co-Supervisor Researcher, University of Toronto
Manoja Pretheeban MSc Developmental Sciences Program 2008/07 – 2010/05 Committee member
Audrey Blasig Residency B.C. Residency Training Program in Community Medicine 2008/07 – 2010/06 Primary Supervisor Community Medicine Physician
Emilie Stephens Summer Student – WHRI Evaluation of development of resistance post partum 2009/01 – 2009/12 Primary Supervisor Infectious Diseases Specialist
Alexandra Bond Summer Student – WHRI The effectiveness of HAART to achieve viral suppression in HIV positive pregnant women at term 2009/01 – 2009/12 Primary Supervisor Medical Graduate, University of Washington.
Dr. Mirium Nakalembe PhD Makerere University, Uganda – Antibody Reponses elicited by the bivalent HPV vaccine in girls in Western Uganda 2009/07 – 2016/07 Co-supervisor Faculty Makerere University, Uganda
Guinevere Lee PhD Antiretroviral resistance development 2009/08 – present Committee Member Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard School of Medicine – towards HIV eradication studies
Caroline Diekema Med 3, University of Utrecht, Netherlands Subject recruitment, data collection, preliminary analysis for HIV and vaginal microbiome pilots study 2010/01 – 2010/07 Primary Supervisor Medicine, Netherlands
Vincent Montoya MSc Pathology and Lab Medicine, UBC – Metagenomics of vaginal microbiome in HIV positive and HIV negative women. 2010/01 – 2014/06 Co-Supervisor Research Technician, BC Centre for Disease Control
Angela Kaida Postdoctoral Fellow Post partum adherence to antiretrovirals and development of resistance mutations 2010/09 – 2010/09 Primary Supervisor CRC Tier 2 Chair and Associate Professor in Faculty of Health Science, SFU
Erika Yamada Co-op Student General RID program support 2010/09 – 2011/08 Primary Supervisor
Joanne Baxter Residency R1-R2 – Data analysis and manuscript preparation – CWHS. A novel multi-state model analysis of the impact of HAART in on cervical dysplasia in HIV positive women 2010/09 – 2013/06 Primary Supervisor Clinical Faculty UBC
Sheona Mitchell-Foster Residency ASPIRE project – HPV self collection for women in Kisenyi, Uganda 2010/09 – 2013/06 Co-Supervisor Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UBC, Northern Medical Program
Daljeet Mahal MSc Reproductive Sciences – A study of the Vaginal Microbiome in HIV Positive Women 2011/01 – 2013/06 Primary Supervisor UBC Medicine
Kyra Berg Summer Student UBC Med 2 – HIV projects 2011/06 – 2011/08 Primary Supervisor UBC Medicine
Dr. Flora Teng Residency Obstetrics & Gynecology – Qualitative analysis of perceptions of risk associated with HPV testing in Uganda 2011/07 – 2013/06 Co-Supervisor Clinical Faculty Deartment of OBGYN, UBC
Lin Mo Medical School Elective student Data collection for HIV studies 2011/08 – 2011/09 Primary Supervisor Physician
Sheila Caddy Fellowship RID Fellow, University of Alberta. (2 month block at UBC) 2011/09 – 2012/08 Co-Supervisor Faculty, University of Calgary
Shivinder Dhillon Co-op Student Subject enrollment, data entry for RID program 2011/09 – 2012/08 Primary Supervisor Nurse, BC Women’s
Ramanpreet Sandhu Summer Student Assisting with vaginal microbiome project 2012/06 – 2012/08 Primary Supervisor Medical student, UBC
Erica Chhoa Practicum Student Assisting with vaginal microbiome project 2012/07 – 2012/09 Primary Supervisor UBC student
Sara Saberi PhD Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – Telomere shortening in placental tissue in HIV positive women on ARV’s 2012/09 – 2018/03 Supervisory Committee
Yuen Hang (Sandy) Lee Co-op Student Assisting with the vaginal microbiome program & the HPV program 2012/09 – 2013/04 Primary Supervisor Policy Analyst
Dane De Silva Masters of Public Health (MPA) SPPH practicum-based non-thesis program 2012/09 – 2013/04 Student Advisor
Isabelle Boucoiran Fellowship Reproductive Infectious Diseases 2013/03 – 2014/06 Primary Supervisor Clinician/Scientist at University of Montreal
Magdalene Payne MSc Reproductive Sciences 2013/05 – 2013/05 External Examiner
Cara Bergen Co-op Student Vaginal microbiome project assistance 2013/09 – 2014/04 Primary Supervisor UBC student
Innie Chen Masters of Public Health (MPA) SPPH – Study of program of Chronic Pelvic Pain 2013/09 – 2014/11 Co-Supervisor Clinician in Ottawa, ON
Keshini Devakandan MSc Reproductive Sciences – Metagenomic study of the vaginal microbiome in women with recurrent vulvovaginitis 2013/09 – 2016/12 Primary Supervisor Clinical Research Analyst, University Health Network, Ontario
Ghadeer Alkusayer MSc Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – Telomere shortening in women on ARV’s for HIV 2014/03 – present Committee Member Grad Student
Vanessa Poliquin Fellowship Reproductive Infectious Diseases 2014/07 – 2015/06 Primary Supervisor for Vancouver portion of training (2 months) Clinician/scientist in Winnipeg
Putu Duff CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow Contraceptive options for HIV positive women 2015/09 2019-07 Co-supervisor Post Doctorate Fellow
Allison Carter PhD Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University 2015/09 – 2018/04 Co-supervisor Post Doctorate – Sydney, Australia
Mathew Heron Flex Program 4th year undergraduate medical student 2016/09 Activity supervisor Medical Student, UBC
Chelsea Elwood Fellowship Reproductive Infectious Diseases 2016/09 – 2018/03 Primary supervisor Clinical Associate Professor, Department of OBYGYN/ UBC
Cameron Skylar Fellowship Reproductive Infectious Diseases 2017/10 – present Primary Supervisor for Vancouver portion of Training


Shannon Turvey



MHA Student UBC Reproductive Infectious Diseases 2018- present SPHA Project Supervisor Assistant Clinical Professor, Infectious Diseases University of Alberta
Angela Johnson Flex Program 4th year undergraduate medical student 2019-present Activity Supervisor Medical Student, UBC
Marina Giovanni MSc Student Reproductive and Developmental Sciences 2019/05-present Committee Chair Student
Jordan Ingel Highschool Student Volunteer 2019 Summer



Dr Julie van Schalkwyk Historic Trainees

Student Name Type Details Year Supervisor Role
(Dr Julie van Schalkwyk)
Anees Bahji BSc OBGYN Resident Research Project 2009/07-2010/06 Academic Supervisor
Prsicilla Karnabi MSc GBS Thesis 2016/07-2017/06 Co-Supervisor
Andrea Massey  Residency OBGYN Resident 2008/07 – 2010/08 Supervisor
Melica Nourmoussavi Residency OBGYN Resident Research Project – Retrospective HVB in Pregnancy 2012/07 – 2014/06 Supervisor
Michael Suen Residency OBGYN R2 – Assist with development of RCT for type of wound closure at CS affected by choioamnionitis. 2013/07 – present  Supervisor
Melica Nourmoussavi Residency OBGYN Resident – Prospective HBV in Pregnancy 2014/07 – 2015/06  Supervisor
Isabelle Boucairon Fellowship Reproductive Infectious Diseases Fellow – Multiple projects underway 2014/07 – 2015/07 Supervisor
Rachel Kim Residency OBGYN Resident Research Project – Sepsis 2014/07 – 2017/07 Supervisor
Eda Karabaceli Residency OBGYN Resident – C/SSSI Project 2015/07 – 2018/07 Supervisor
Chelsea Elwood Residency OBGYN Resident Research Project – Microbiome 2016/07 – 2017/07 Supervisor