Canadian Surveillance of COVID-19 in Pregnancy: Epidemiology, Maternal and Infant Outcomes

Globally, there is limited data on COVID-19 in pregnancy to inform recommendations for pregnant women and their care providers. This national surveillance project serves to better our understanding of the epidemiology and outcomes associated with COVID-19 in pregnancy and to thereby provide critical data to inform recommendations for pregnant women and their infants. A national approach, with regional leadership across Canada, is in progress with provincial/territorial data collection being combined for a national dataset of cases of COVID-19 in pregnancy. This project also lays the foundation for additional COVID-19 research through the establishment of a biospecimen repository from COVID-19 affected mother-infant pairs.

Coordinating centre lead: Dr. Deborah Money, Professor, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Medicine, & SPPH Clinician Scientist, Women’s Health Research Institute

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