Congratulations to RID Program Collaborator Dr. Mark Yudin on receiving the Casey Award for Leadership in Social Justice for the HIV/AIDS Community!

Dr. Mark Yudin, a long-time colleague and principal collaborator of the RID Program, has recently been awarded the Casey Award for Leadership in Social Justice for the HIV/AIDS Community, by the Casey House Hospital in Toronto. Casey House, a specialty hospital which provides holistic medical care for those living with and at risk of HIV, has awarded the Casey Awards annually to Canadian individuals and organizations for extraordinary commitment and leadership to social justice regarding HIV/AIDS. This year, Dr. Yudin and the Positive Pregnancy Program (P3 Clinic) that he oversees at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, was one of these recipients. The P3 Clinic is a program, which was partly modelled after BCWH’s Oaktree Clinic, that has been operating for over 15 years, and works to provide high-quality obstetric and midwifery care for women living with HIV (WLWH) in the greater Toronto area. Extensive exemplary work and innovative techniques have been implemented at the P3 Clinic, including using trauma-informed and non-judgmental attitudes towards care, as well as a values-led approach wherein all providers’ have involvement in a woman’s maternal care up to delivery. The innovative work of this program has been instrumental in establishing a standard of care for delivery for WLWH, reducing stigma for WLWH receiving maternity care, and aided in reducing the barriers to maternity care access for WLWH, especially for those of racialized and indigenous communities. This amazing work was highlighted as the reasoning for selecting Dr. Yudin and the P3 Clinic for this award. Thus, we would like to extend the warmest congratulations to Dr. Yudin and all members of the P3 Clinic on this amazing achievement!

For more info on the award and the work of Dr. Yudin and the P3 Clinic Team click here!